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Candidacy Program

The candidacy program is designed for women who have expressed a desire to make application to begin the IHM Postulate. The Candidacy Program lasts six months to one year before admission into the postulate.


It provides her and the Congregation with the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding her entrance into the postulate.

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In addition to the discernment activities and IHM Pre-Candidacy experiences, the young woman is encouraged to develop and deepen her practice of prayer, reflection on the Word of God, attendance at Mass, and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

She is also encouraged to continue her studies, especially in the area of faith formation. She seeks the advice and support of an IHM Sister (Sponsor) and participates and/or assists IHM Sisters in community life and service.

Application to the IHM Postulate may occur any time after participating in the Pre-Candidacy program for at least six months.

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